June 25, 2024

They say your hands tell your real age! Although age is just a number, yet don’t let ‘em hands reveal it!

Ever wondered how you would indulge in all those fancy CTM routines if it weren’t for your hands? Your hands are like the little, non-stop working machines of your body and they deserve the care and mollycoddling just like your skin and hair does. Self care shouldn’t just be limited to your hair and whimsy skin care routines. We are here to let you know some game changing nail care products you didn’t think you needed (but your nails definitely do!)

Yes, it all starts from filing, buffing, clipping and all that jazz. But we’re not here to tell you stuff you already know. You often look at your nails and find them chipped, yellow, dry, or dull. And you may not be able to visit a salon for a manicure session every time which further deepens all concerns. The cuticles also tend to dry out, making your nails weak and brittle. Even the skin around the nails tends to peel more when it is dry and undernourished making our hands look unhealthy. Your hands and nails go through a lot. Ever thought about that? Reserve a date specially for a hand and nail care day and ease the load that drains them down.

If you have a pink nail bed, smooth and even textured surface and strong cuticles, it means that you are lucky to be bestowed with healthy nails. However, if you have weak, brittle nails that chip and break off easily, or white spots on your nails, or some sort of discoloration, it means you have a set of unhealthy nails. For the same, you should make sure to take out extra time and take care of them. Because unhealthy nails are not just because of a missed manicure session, it is a sign that your body is trying to tell you that something is not right. You can fix your diet, regulate your water intake or make up for the nutritional deficiencies. But your nails deserve some extra TLC too from the outside too!


  1. Take a break from nail extensions

As much as we love treating our nails with those long-lasting, tempting acrylic and gel extensions, know that they do more harm than good to your nails. They damage them, making them extremely weak and brittle. However, if they are used, maintained and removed in a proper way, they would not cause any long-term harm. 

  1. Your nails deserve some space too…
    …to repair themselves naturally. No wonder we love treating our nails with fancy manicures every now and then. But just like you get weekends as a reward after working non-stop in your office all the time, your nails also need a break from time-to-time. It’s important to let your nails be bare, and remain pigment free for a few weeks before you put on a brand-new coat of nail paint. 
  1. Use an enriching nail serum
    The nail growth oil helps in brightening the skin and reduces damage around the nails. It is the best oil for nail growth as it reduces the yellowing of nails and any damage caused by using nail paints or sanitizers. 

We recommend:  Love Earth Nail Growth Miracle Serum

  1. When it comes to your nails, taking care of your tender cuticles should be your top priority. Formulated especially for weak nails, this serum contains essential oils which nourishes the cuticles, and thus promotes strong and healthy nails. We recommend:  Bella Vita Organic NailStrong Nail & Cuticle Growth & Repair Oil, whose natural and essential oils reduce the damage caused by bacteria, fungus, dirt, free radicals and also reduce yellowing of the nails. It hydrates, moisturizes, and nourishes cuticles, reduces dryness and peeling of the skin. 
  1. Use natural, vegan, and toxin-free nail paints. The regular nail paints have Formaldehydes and DBPs which dry out the skin around your nails, making nails yellow. Using “clean” nail paint will give you the same long-lasting vibrant look, while also keeping your nails strong, healthy and beautiful. Try the multifarious range of clean nail pains at Vanity Wagon. A clean, non-toxic nail paint is something you must have and end your hand care routine with! Get a gel-like gloss finish as well as stronger nails all in 1 swipe!

We Recommend: Disguise Cosmetics Nail Polish, Beachy Peachy 114

  1. Give a shot to Biotin Supplements

Research shows that Vitamin B makes your hair and nails stronger and healthier. Biotin is a kind of Vitamin B7 which is also found in foods like eggs, milk, and bananas. But a tasty alternative to it is gummies, which are now bridging the gap between self care and beauty. The deficiency of Biotin can lead to weak hair strands, brittle nails & hair. These gummies have hair-loving ingredients that provide nourishment from within to enhance the overall hair & nail quality. We recommend: Power Gummies Hair & Nail Vitamins with Biotin.

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