June 25, 2024
Because if not now, then when?

Starting with something new isn’t all fun games, but it gets easier with time especially when the results are worth it. The same applies to starting with your clean beauty journey. It might seem tough but once you get into the flow of it, there is no turning back. And as we have said this time and again, clean beauty is not a trend to hop on anymore, but a journey that one must embrace to live a sustainable and healthy life .

The first step is to know what clean beauty actually is, what does it stand for and what are the ethics that you align with? Since there is no particular regulatory body that strictly defines what clean beauty means, it is open to personal interpretation keeping in mind the main goal is reducing chemical exposure, following sustainability and ultimately using products that are safe for the skin and the environment. Any brand which claims to be clean, follows a certain set of guidelines which ensure that the process from making to selling is maximized as sustainable, clean and natural. 

The next step is to clean out your vanity with products whose labels include jargon about ingredients that you don’t know about and are potentially harmful. You can easily find a list of ingredients to avoid in various skincare and beauty products that one must avoid at all costs. Of course do not throw away your full bottles of products as that goes towards wasting and is against the ethics of sustainability. Find a place to donate these products where concerned organizations known how to go about them. A clean beauty journey starts with baby steps and in your own comfort. There is no hard and fast rule that you need to be an expert from the day you pledge to adopt a clean beauty regime. Pick your own pace and keep moving forward, dropping one toxin at a time. 

After you’ve sorted your vanity, you need to find out about local homegrown stores around you that follow the ethics of clean beauty and align with your needs. It is easy to find such local brands and Vanity Wagon is the easiest way to find everything clean that you need to get started on your clean beauty journey. Make sure you do not get carried away with the excitement of starting something new and hoard unnecessary products in unnecessary quantities. Clean beauty is slow beauty, from beginning to end. 

The end goal is to be clean with not only your skincare and personal care products but also in a holistic manner. Following a clean beauty routine will only get you on the periphery of the bigger goal that drives it. Until and unless you slowly adopt sustainability as a lifestyle, clean beauty makes only so much sense as buying yourself an expensive highlighter to only use plastic glitter on your face.

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