June 25, 2024
Clean travel essentials

You have hustled, hustled, and made it to the end of the year! 

After all the long hours of chasing deadlines, you deserve the much-anticipated vacation to relinquish the stress growing within. It’s officially here – the perks of dreamy December, the arrival of the holiday season, the smell of freshly brewed coffee beans, misty mornings, and the Christmassy allure in the air. 

There is no better time than packing for that long-awaited vacation. But wait, did you grab everything that makes for the perfect companion during a winter trip? Don’t worry, we got a list of clean beauty travel essentials to carry along as dedicated AM to PM Holi-BAE. 

All-in-one kit for vacay skincare 

Don’t want to go through the hassle of stuffing different bottles? Make the Nacific Pink AHBHA kit your vacation staple. The kit is all you need to stick to regular skincare even while on a holiday. Enjoy the wintry mornings, and balmy evenings, and replenish your skin at night with these four essentials:

  • Pink AHA/BHA Cleansing Foam – The cleanser gently cleanses dirt, impurities, and residual makeup from the face. Not only it cleans off the dirt but removes dead skin cells for a clear complexion. 
  • Pink AHA/BHA Toner – Enriched with watermelon extract, the toner gently exfoliates dead skin cells. It includes pink calamine that soothes irritated skin and reduces dark spots. Glutathione evens out skin tone and diminishes acne scars and blemishes. 
  • Pink AHA/BHA Serum  – The blend of fermented soybean and watermelon extract radiates skin from within. The Hippophae Rhamnoides extract along with carotenoids deeply moisturizes and soothes skin. 
  • Pink AHA/BHA Cream – The formulation is rich in vitamins, minerals, and hyaluronic acid that hydrates skin. It firms skin and reduces early signs of ageing. 
Nacific AHABHA kit clean travel essentials

Face wipes for instant cleaning 

Keep the face wipes handy for cleaning the dust, dirt, and pollutant off the skin. With the winter air around, washing your face now and then is a pain. Instead, use the face wipes for giving your face a dose of quick refreshment. You can also opt for a face mist if you do not like the idea of wipes. 

Recommendation: Mama Earth Organic Bamboo Based Wipes

Mama Earth Wipes

Lip care with moisturizing lip balm

Love it or hate it but winters do bring its grey side like dry and chapped lips. While on a vacation, an intense lip therapy kit is not a choice for the masses. But, carrying along a nourishing lip balm hurts nobody. Slough off the dead skin gently by rubbing it with water and generously mask the lips with lip balm. This keeps the lips hydrated and prevents them from drying. 

Recommendation: TNW – The Natural Wash Herbal Beetroot Lip Balm with SPF 15

Beetroot Lip Balm by TNW

Lotion it up to hydrate skin

The temperature and humidity drop sucks the moisture level in the skin during winter. The only way to prevent drying is to apply lotion generously on the skin and keep the skin hydrated. However, while on vacation, it’s not only the face that needs SPF protection but your legs, hands, back, and shoulder.  Carry a daily use of body lotion but preferably with an SPF for a wholesome shield. 

. However, while on vacation, it’s not only the face that needs SPF protection but your legs, hands, back, and shoulder.  Carry a daily use of body lotion but preferably with an SPF for a wholesome shield. 

Recommendation: Minimalist SPF 30 Body Lotion with Vitamin E, Glycerin & Green Tea Extract

Minimalist SPF 30

SPF Juice for holiday hopping 

It’s almost a crime to go on that tropical vacation without splattering your skin with some SPF protection. No matter which part of the world you vagabond around, sunscreen is one such skincare essential to pack along. Keep that sunscreen handy and re-apply it throughout the day as and when required while on a vacation. Don’t let the UVA and UVB derail your skincare regime. 

Recommendation: Put Simply Beat the Sun Sunscreen SPF 50+ PA++++

Put Simply sunscreen SPF 50+

Shampoo and conditioner bars for haircare

It’s okay not to want to carry along bottles of shampoo and conditioner while on a holiday. Before you dread carrying the bottles and worry about your haircare going for a toss, we would love to introduce super handy shampoo bars and conditioners, perfect for your next trip. The bar formulations are convenient as it is compact, easy to carry, and super convenient to use. 


Earth Rhythm Shampoo Bar with 100% Virgin Coconut Oil

Earth Rhythm Solid Conditioner Bar with Tamanu Oil, Kukui Nut & Camellia Oil

Hair serum for on-the-go nurture 

Last but not the least, travelling during your vacation strips off the natural oil especially if you go to a beach destination. After washing your hair, layer your hair with serum and keep it free of frizz and dryness. Haircare while travelling need not be a hassle when you have the right serum to tame your tresses. 

Recommendation: Brillare Classic Hair Serum

Brillare hair serum

And, you are all set! Pack all these essentials and you are all ready for a vacation that’s an equal dose of relaxation and rejuvenation without compromising on your skin and haircare.

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