July 20, 2024
Hygge inspired skincare routine
As we sense a change of season, with Valentine’s Day painting the town in red, it’s time to shower some self-love with a Hygge-inspired routine. It’s all about indulging in self-care and being cozy, calm & tuned into things that bring a comfortable sensory experience. Let go of the chaos, take a moment to mute the background noise, and embrace all things HYGGE.

Hygge – A Danish word that represents the feeling of contentment, comfort, and coziness. It’s the Scandinavian style of describing a mood of feeling wholesome and content and surrounding yourself with things that bring warmth, love, and light.

Practising a Hygge Lifestyle – imagine curled up in a blanket on a cozy winter night, watching your favorite movie, enjoying the sound of rain while reading a book, or sipping warm coffee on a winter morning as the sunlight hits your window. That comforting feeling of slowing down and enjoying the moment – THAT’S HYGGE.

Let’s promise to soak into the warmth of comfort and self-care this Valentine’s Day. Hygge is our way to inspire life and kick out the monotony.

Slow down and take a break

So, what is a hygge ritual? It’s simply the art of slowing down from the chaos and penetrating deep into the cozy, comfortable, and homely feeling. Hygge is about letting your inner self relax and enjoy the little moments you have missed out on.

Before indulging in a skincare and self-care routine, create an environment that’s calming and relaxes your senses. We are saying – light some sweet-smelling candles and soak into the vibe. Don’t forget to use essential oils to reduce anxiety & stress and unwind. As you pull out your skincare staples for a hygge routine, start by lighting a candle and let the aroma of essential oil prep you.

We recommend: Zofla Lavender Essential Oil

Zofla Lavender Essential Oil
Zofla Lavender Essential Oil

Prepare a relaxing bath

No, you don’t necessarily need a bathtub or jacuzzi for a relaxing bath. If you have a jacuzzi, let’s give some brownie points. What better way to kick in the hygge feeling than indulge in a relaxing bath – how about a warm, lavender-scented bath? It holds soothing & relaxing properties while leaving a refreshing aroma lingering for a long time. A holistic bath ritual deeply relaxes your nerve and calms the nervous system.

Relax and destress as you treat your body to the goodness of sea salt. The wholesomeness from sea to earth and into your skin, the sea salt naturally rejuvenates skin and pulls out toxins from the body. Sea salt crystals gently exfoliate dead skin, leaving you feeling fresh.

We recommend: Soulflower Lavender Bath Salt with Himalayan Pink Rock Salt

Lavender Balt Salt with Himalayan Pink Salt
Lavender Balt Salt with Himalayan Pink Salt

A skincare routine that goes the extra mile

It’s not uncommon for you to indulge in everyday skincare, but this goes a little extra mile. Here’s what we are talking about – sheet masks, skin rollers, clay masks, whatever feels rejuvenating to you. Let’s soar in the hygge skincare spirit in you with these ideas:

Face Massage with Face Roller or Gua Sha

Take out your gua sha or face rollers, and indulge in a relaxing face massage time with skin-friendly facial oil. Apart from relaxing your skin, it ensures better blood circulation in the face. After your regular skincare, pamper your skin with facial oil and roller.

We recommend: Natural Vibes Glow Getter Gift Set with Jade Face Roller, Vitamin C Serum, Nirvana Flower Oil & Gold Beauty Elixir Oil

Natural Vibes Jade Roller and Facial Oil
Natural Vibes Jade Roller and Facial Oil

Lip care you cannot miss

So much for the face, but are your lips not getting the much-deserved attention? It’s time to change that with a hygge routine for your lips. Give your lips some lips – scrub gently to exfoliate dead cells, apply a nourishing balm, and top with a lip mask. And this is how you say hello to soft and plump lips.

We recommend: TAC – The Ayurveda Co. Beetroot Lip Scrub for Dark Lips

TAC Ayurveda Beetroot scrub
TAC Ayurveda Beetroot scrub

Give Your Feet Some Rest

Your feet carry you around and take the burden of the entire body. It’s time you show your feet the care it deserves. Soak your feet in warm water, scrub them off with exfoliating foot scrub, and massage with a relaxing foot cream.

We recommend: Fixderma Foot Cream

Fixderma Foot Cream
Fixderma Foot Cream

Don’t forget your hair

Our hair also faces the brunt of external conditions due to pollution and stress. Create a feel-good Hygge day for your hair –get a relaxing hair massage, turban up with a hot towel, shampoo, and condition. Don’t forget to add a hair mask and hair butter to leave your hair feeling soft and voluminous. If at home, try not to use heat or styling products and let your hair breathe naturally.

We recommend: Maui Moisture Revive & Hydrate Hair Mask with Shea Butter

Maui Moisture Hair Mask
Maui Moisture Hair Mask

Do something that you do – cook, journal, meditate, paint, or simply decide to spend the day imitating a sloth bear – you make your hygge-inspired routine. As we slowly transition from winter to spring blooms, sit back in gratitude and connect with yourself this valentine’s day. Whether by yourself or with your partner, family, or friends, live in the moment and embrace the HYGGE feeling around you.

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