July 20, 2024

We finally found an eye-cream that does what it claims: reduces dark circles, fine lines and wrinkles! And yes, it is tried-&-tested by over 500 consumers!


The area that we often tend to ignore, needs the most hydration and nourishment: the under-eye area! The skin beneath your eyes is thinner, the most delicate and sensitive compared to all the other areas on your facial skin.

The Juicy Chemistry Damask Rose & Coffee Eye Cream is an organic blend of rich ingredients such as essential oils, fatty acids, and other botanical extracts which *really* does what it says. It actually reduces dark circles, crow feet and hydrates & repairs the delicate under-eye area. It not only moisturizes but also brightens the contours of your eyes.


What makes it likable is that this product is suited to all genders and ages and is highly effective. This under-eye cream is suitable for everyday use and is recommended for all skin types.

The only downside for this product is that it is not suitable for Acne-prone skin types.

BENEFITS: It reduces the pigmentation and dark circles under your eyes while deeply moisturizing them. This eye cream is clinically proven to reduce the intensity of under eye wrinkles by 19.1% and under eye puffiness by 15.2%, as per the Juicy Chemistry statistics.

Coffee helps in reducing the Dark Circles and its anti-inflammatory properties help soothe the skin and keep puffiness at bay while Damask Rose hydrates, tones, and soothes the under-eye skin. It relaxes and refreshes the delicate skin under the eyes after a long tiring day.


Scoop out a pea-sized amount of the eye cream and dot it around the eyes. Now with your ring finger, spread it evenly and massage it gently, applying the least amount of pressure.


Use this eye cream in your PM or night routine.
One should start using under-eye creams early, because the sole purpose of using them in the late 20s is that our skin starts to age post 25 years. If we take care of our skin then, we will not have to worry about wrinkles and fine lines later in our 50s!


Has a balm-like and hydrating texture. It has a medium consistency which spreads smoothly under your eyes like butter!

The fragrance of the under-eye cream is very relaxing, therapeutic and a mix of rose and essential oils.

PRICE: Rs. 400 for 5 grams.
A tub of eye cream which is totally organic and has no harmful ingredients as well as is effective after you start incorporating it regularly in your daily routine, is worth the investment.


The Juicy Chemistry Damask Eye Cream is not just recommended by one person (Vanity Insider), but it has been used, tried, tested and verified by a number of people. It is a powerhouse of antioxidants and phytonutrients which are bent to give your eyes the care they deserve. 

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