May 20, 2024

Choosing clean beauty products over regular one is not an option anymore, but it is an essential if we want to do it right for our wellbeing and the planet’s wellbeing as well.

The countless things that we comsume, from the time we wake up and till we go back to bed, are laden with chemicals, and artificial additives that are not essentially good for us and also for the planet. While, we are more careful about eating right, many do not spare a moment of thought Enter the concept of clean beauty – meaning non-toxic beauty. Clean beauty means using products made with ingredients that are non-toxic, biodegradable, recyclable and non polluting.

So, choosing clean beauty products over regular one is not an option anymore, but it is an essential if we want to do it right for our wellbeing and the planet’s wellbeing as well.

Questioning the importance of clean beauty is like questioning whether you need to wing your eyeliner or not, the answer to which is always a yes. But focusing on ‘Clean Beauty’ for a moment, there is still not enough emphasis on why and how we should adopt this lifestyle, for lifestyle it is. Plus, clean beauty simply makes our skin and hair feel way better and become way more healthy, so why not?  

When We Say Clean Beauty…

Clean beauty is simple really. The idea of clean beauty begins at the root of being sustainable and safe, for our bodies, our environment, and everything in between. So, the focus on cutting out the bad actives from the products we use on a daily basis. This has become even more apparent in the two years of the global pandemic, when we realised the importance of cleaning up the environment and our daily lifestyle practices.

Clean beauty encompasses products that are all-natural, harmful preservative-free, green, vegan and organic. What’s most important for you as a consumer to notice that clean beauty should have responsibly sourced, environmentally safe ingredients packaged in sustainable, recyclable or biodegradable packaging.

What’s in Clean Beauty Brands…

A true clean beauty brand is clean throughout straight from sourcing to the delivery. Using manufacturing methods and ingredients that are safe and sustanaible for the environment is where the gist of a true clean beauty product lies, besides being safe and result-oriented for your skin and hair.

Till now there was little awareness about the use of unsafe and irritating cosmetic additives. Nasties, like parabens, sulfates, alcohol, phthalates, are all very common ingredients that go into many skincare and wellness products. These have been shown to cause irreversible damage to your body and the planet in the long run.

However, the scene has changed quite a lot in the last few years. There is a high leve of awareness and demand from consumers which has driven the estalished beauty brands to redo their formulations, and pushed many new-age clean beauty brands into the mainstream

Today, clean beauty industry has done wonders with regard to alerting consumers against harmful actives, animal cruelty and pollutions while raising awareness about green, organic, natural and plat-based actives, their benefits with relation to eco-consciousness.

Clean beauty lifestyle is more important than ever…

As a user of clean beauty product you must keep check on what is going on your skin and hair but also what and how are you taking from nature, especially in light of the rise in global warming and climate change. This is where conscious buying comes into play. While brands are coming up newer and planet-friendly formulations, you as a clean beauty follower must also demand stringent practices and process and support beauty brands that follow the same.

It is the need of the hour and our drive towards saving the planet. It is your key towards loving yourself in the entirety of your working as a human being and loving all that nature has to offer without compromising on the future. So if you are still sceptical about adopting clean beauty, and a sustainable lifestyle; may we suggest that you take a step out of your comfort zone to watch and observe. It is only then that you shall realize, clean beauty is not a fad, but the one stop solution to a cleaner, healthier planet and a lifetsyle.

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