July 20, 2024

We tried these three clean beauty products during our bath time; and our bathing ritual has never been the same again. Read on to find out why.

We are totally obsessed with our bath time ritual. We just love the squeaky, clean feel that a good bath leaves us with. It gets even better when we get to do this without feeling guilty – using products from clean beauty brands. These products are made with potent actives from natural, sustainable sources and come in recyclable packaging, so you know that you are lessening the impact on our soil and water sources.

They have definitely brightened up our bath time. Added to that, we love the fact that these products in orange, white and earthy packaging do look pretty on bathroom counter. And of course, they leave you with fresh, smooth body. If, like us, you want that really pleasurable bath time then do what we did…

Start your bathing ritual with…

Chemist At Play Exfoliating Body Wash With Ceramides

If you want that post-bath feel of super smooth skin, then this one is for you. We found that a little bit of this this delicately-fragranced body wash with a smooth, creamy texture goes a long way – gives amazing lather and really clears away dirt and dead skin. The body wash is enriched with Lactic Acid, natural AHA (alpha hydroxy acid), that is a well-known exfoliator that gently removes dead skin cells, and evens out patchy skin tone and makes skin velvety smooth to touch. Latest active Zemea and Vitamin E help to attract moisture to the skin and protect skin’s natural barrier giving our dull skin a healthy sheen. Ceramides bolster the skin structure, improve elasticity and give it a supple feel. With regular use, we found our skin considerably soft, bouncy and smooth.  

Keep callouses away with…

The Nature’s Co. Earthborne Walnut Mint Foot Scrub

If like us, your feet feel rough and callouses give you sleepless nights, then treat your feet to a good scrub with this foot scrub. The walnut grits in the creamy scrub slough away rough, dry skin from your heels and the soles of your feet. We found that the micro-granules in the scrub is quite effective in removing dead, dry skin – our cracked heels felt considerably soft after single try. Neem extract and kokum butter protect the feet from infection and dryness, while peppermint oil and peppermint extract invigorate tired feet and do away with any foot odour that there may be. We found that using a circular massaging technique to massage the scrub all over your feet, heels and ankle for a few minutes gives the best results.

Seal moisture in your skin with…

SoulTree Anti-Ageing Body Oil With Brahmi, Manjistha & Sesame

We found that massaging this oil onto our slightly damp skin post-bath is a great way to lock in moisture and get soft, supple skin all over. This body oil is highly rejuvenating and gives you a youthful glow because of the anti-ageing properties of extracts like amla, brahmi, bala, shatavari and manistha roots. These are mixed is rich blend of oils like rice bran, sesame oil and cold-pressed apricot oil. We love to use this daily, especially as a night-time body moisturizer after having a deep cleansing shower. As you massage the oil in, your skin feels soothed, and you definitely feel relaxed. We suggest you give this a try.

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