May 20, 2024

We are all talking about the ‘Clean Beauty Movement’, but how much do we really know about it? Team TVD got together to share how we are trying to practice what we are preaching, as much as possible.

At The Vanity Dossier, we get excited every time somebody says ‘Clean Beauty’. After all, our aim is to spread the good word about clean beauty and green, sustainable lifestyle. So, before we got around to talking to the experts and brands about their idea behind clean beauty, we thought it best to share our views instead – trying to practice what we are preaching.

The idea behind clean beauty movement

So, what really is the clean beauty movement? It is a growing awareness among people towards beauty and lifestyle products that are safe for them and for the planet. At the heart of this movement are beauty products that are made without the harmful ingredients or synthetic additives that are known to cause damage to skin and hair; and are toxic for our soil and water bodies. Often these ingredients have been found to be hormone disruptors or carcinogen. Clean beauty products have natural or nature-based actives that are considered safe for us and for the planet. The clean beauty movement is actually an extension of the clean, green and mindful living that took over the wellness industry during the pandemic – a time when people realised the importance of being healthy and living a green, minimalist lifestyle.  

Asking the right questions

We asked ourselves some key questions about what we really thought clean beauty was – like “the first thought that came to our mind when we said clean beauty” or “the clean beauty practices we liked to follow” or “the experience of using clean beauty products”. Interestingly, the whole team was on the same page. We all felt really strongly about the whole movement and tried to do our bit. That’s some good news!

What we’ve got to say

Team, The Vanity Dossier shares their thoughts on ‘Clean Beauty’ and how they have adopted it in their daily life. Here we go:

NAINA RUHAIL, Editorial Director, The Vanity Dossier, and Founder & Co-CEO, Vanity Wagon

What’s clean beauty for me: It’s a movement that’s getting bigger by the day. Sustainability and good health are the two main thoughts that come to my mind when I think of ‘Clean Green Beauty & Lifestyle’.  

Clean beauty practices: I try using only eco-conscious brands and products with no toxic ingredients and sustainable packaging. I avoid using single use products and prefer refillable packaging. I try to purchase only small-sized products to avoid wastage.  I recycle my empties with the Vanity Wagon recycle program again to minimize waste and do my bit for the planet. I always read my product labels and do my research before applying anything on my skin and hair. I make sure the ingredients list doesn’t consist of parabens, sulphates, silicones, fragrance, formaldehyde or phthalates. I also like to use products/brands that have an ethical brand language and are considerate with the packaging they use. 

Experience: Yes, yes, yes! I’ve been using clean skincare, makeup and hair care products for years now and the results are clearly visible. My skin and hair feel healthier from within and all the concerns I had previously for instance, pigmentation, sensitivity or hair fall have reduced to a minimum. You should always opt for ingredients or actives that work for your skin type/concern. So being a dry skin type, I avoid using Salicylic acid as that’s not suitable for my skin. 

Favourite products/brands: I keep trying and testing new products to bring the best to my consumers and hence, there are quite a few that have made it to my favourites list. Some of my fave products are Better Beauty Skin Beauty Buffet, COSRX Snail Mucin Essence, Oceglow Water Cream and JC Lip balm to name a few.

MANI, Lead Content & Editor, The Vanity Dossier

What’s clean beauty for me: Who are we kidding? Considering people have become ever so more conscious about their health post pandemic, it is definitely a movement. For me, it is something which can do wonders to your skin and hair, if followed religiously.

Clean beauty practices: There is no such practice per se, but I try my best to ensure what goes inside and on my body is safe and healthy. I recently started using clean beauty products. I have researched so much about it that I make sure I read labels on the mono carton, and definitely do a patch test before using it on the concerned area. Whenever, I see fragrance in any of the products, I run as far as possible away from it. It is a sign that some hidden ingredient is in it which the FDA doesn’t approve.

Experience: YES! I finally know what moisturiser suits my oily skin without leaving my face sticky. I have seen a huge difference in the dark spots, I have acne under control… I can go on and on. Apart from that, if there is an active that I don’t use, it’s Vitamin B3 or Niacinamide as it did not suit me.

Favourite products/brands: Plum Vitamin C Serum, Fixderma’s Shadow Cream SPF 50 and Pure By Priyanka’s Aloe Moisture Surge are on the top of my list. Something which did not really work for me was Suganda’s Niacinamide Serum.

SHUBHANKAR, Brand & Marketing Executive, Team Vanity Wagon

What’s clean beauty for me: ‘Clean Green Beauty & Lifestyle’ for me is skincare that is safe for me as well as for the environment. I believe this has become a movement that will stay because of rising awareness of clean beauty. The other major reason is the rise in the number of clean brands and their marketing efforts to educate the customers.

Clean beauty practices: Making my family and friends follow clean beauty is my clean beauty practice! In general, my approach to personal care is about finding products without certain ingredients. Also, before buying, reading the reviews and claims by the brand is a must for me. I avoid using products that contain parabens and sulfates. 2 to 3 years ago when I started using products from WOW and Mamaearth, it was because of trends; but today when I shop for clean beauty products, it’s because of my awareness and my consciousness towards my skin.

Experience: Definitely, I have got results after using the products. I have even recommended products to my family members and today they are consuming only clean beauty products. 

Favourite products/brands: To name a few products that I regularly use and have worked amazingly for me include Arata Hydrating Shampoo, Juicy Chemistry Organic Face wash, Minimalist Hair Serum, mCaffeine Body Scrub, and Tribe 90 Day Hair Oil.

PRIYANSHI, Content Writer – Intern, Team Vanity Wagon

What’s clean beauty for me: The term ‘Clean Green Beauty & Lifestyle’ stands on the same pedestal as ‘being sustainable’ does – it is a need of the hour. Clean, Green Beauty & Lifestyle implies a holistic change in our ongoing practice and consumption of beauty products and the adoption of healthier, cleaner, and safer alternatives. With the recent rise in social and environmental awareness, especially among the younger generation, I feel this is a powerful movement that is here to stay and force people to change their ways. 

Clean beauty practices: The clean beauty practices that I follow is to use brands that are truly clean in all their senses, and not only in terms of mere claims. They must imbibe the three key aspects of sustainability. This means, using eco-friendly packing, environmentally friendly sources, and zero waste to reflect sustainability. Being mindful is a lifestyle, and I am all about it. While browsing and shopping for beauty products, it is important to not just fall for anything that claims to be ‘clean’. Looking at the ingredients, researching about the brand ethics and how they are doing their part in being sustainable is very important for me. I also follow the hit and trial method with different clean products to find the ones that work best for me. The list of nasties we have been consuming forever without being aware of their consequences on our skin is a very long one. But a few ingredients that I actively check and avoid are parabens, sulfates and alcohol.

Experience: The shift towards using clean beauty products is very recent for me. Using ‘Minimalist’s’ body lotion has worked wonders on my skin. I had some pigmentation on my back and my hands, which started to clear. My skin is more hydrated and feels soft. Their sunscreen has been as effective as body lotion. It is easy to apply, doesn’t leave a white cast and is easily absorbed by the skin. I also use Plum’s vanilla body scrub which smells so heavenly and works like magic for my skin. My skin feels very soft, hydrated, clean and smelling like cupcakes. 

Favourite products/brands: All the products that I have used are from Minimalist and Plum and they have been working very well for me so far. I am yet to experiment with more products and find something that doesn’t fit right with my body. 

EKTA, Senior Graphic Designer, Team Vanity Wagon

Clean beauty for me: It is definitely a movement! It is about sustainability. It is better for me and better for the environment.

Clean beauty practices: Cruelty-free is the main ethos I look for in my clean beauty products. It is the one practice I live by, be it clean beauty or clean eating. When it comes being mindful about picking up clean beauty products; on a scale of 1 to 10, it is definitely a 7 for me. I am highly mindful about it. Sulfates and parabens are the ingredients that avoid at all costs in the products that I use.

Experience: I have recently been introduced to clean beauty and I am trying to be consistent with my AM and PM routines. I love the feel of the products, but for real results to be visible I have to wait a little and see.

Favourite products/brands: Minimalist’s Alpha Arbutin is my favourite product as of now. Something which did not work for me was the Re’equil Sunscreen as I could not deal with its strong smell.

PRIYANKA, Managing Editor & Writer, The Vanity Dossier

Clean beauty for me: It is a complete lifestyle choice. It is about making safe product choices so that your skin and hair remain healthy and strong for a longer time. It also about being eco-conscious and using products that do not spoil our soil or water sources. For me, clean beauty means products that are nature-based and non-toxic. It is about taking a minimalist and targeted approach towards skin and hair care, and not loading them up with too many products. Clean beauty for me is about going back to nature and giving back to nature.

Clean beauty practices: I am highly conscious about what I put on my skin and hair. I avoid products that have too many ingredients and love products that are based on our traditional beauty recipes. I also love to try out single active products, since clean beauty for me mean taking the ‘less is more’ approach. I also try to reduce plastic use by either recycling plastic packaging or picking products that have glass and paper packaging. I also practice ‘zero wastage’ strategy by using up the last drop of every product – that’s good for my pocket and for the planet definitely.

Experience: I have seen real results by taking the minimalism approach with my skin and hair care. By using nature-based, clean beauty and single active products, I have been able to restore suppleness and shine to my skin and hair – both tend to get very dull and patchy. I keep switching my beauty products, every once in a while, to give my skin and hair the benefit of the single actives, since I do not like to mix too many products in my care regime.

Favourite products/brands: I love trying out new clean beauty products on a regular basis. Some of the products I use regularly include WOW Skin Science Vitamin C Face Wash, Conscious Chemist Vivid C Serum, Minimalist 100% Squalene Face Oil, Earth Rhythm Phyto Fuse Face Moisturiser, Vilvah Store Hair Growth Oil, Biotique Green Apple Shampoo and so on.

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