June 25, 2024

Here are 5 best hair serums that moisturize your strands, form protective barrier and tame frizzy strands and to revive dull, lifeless hair

When hair serums were first introduced, they took everyone by surprise! It was like a magic potion, which was waiting to be discovered by all the people with dry and frizzy hair out there. Not to be confused with hair oils, hair serum is typically a post-hair wash product that is applied to the hair to give it that extra shine.

Hair serum is perfect for restoring moisture to your hair and protect it from sun damage, pollutants and humidity. Before using just about any serum on your hair, one should always know their hair type first, and use a hair serum accordingly to gain the best results. These hair serums provide you with the best external protection for your hair that .

Bare Anatomy Expert Ultra Smoothing Hair Serum

The ultimate antidote for reversing hair damage and restoring smoothness with shine. This serum can be used daily as it nourishes, hydrates, controls frizz, and revitalizes dull hair. Apply over slightly damp hair for best results.

Oleum Cottage Conditioning Hair Serum

If you are keen on signing up for a plant-based, silicone-free, post-wash serum to give your tresses natural shine and bounce, then this is the one for you! It has a light feel, and seals in the moisture within the hair strands.

The Earth Collective Hair Serum for Anti-frizz

It keeps the frizz in check, reduces tangles and hydrates hair without leaving them feeling sticky. It is light-weight, non-greasy and suitable for all hair types.

Waasana Nourishing Hair Serum with Almond & Rosemary

Unable to manage your unruly and rough hair? Well, this hair serum has vital natural oils like Chamomile & Argan infused in it. It makes your hair healthy, lustrous and also helps in detangling your hair and controlling frizz.

Aroma Magic Hair Revitalising Serum

Powered by the potent blend of essential oils along with herbal extracts, this serum helps to reduce hair fall, strengthen hair roots, increase blood circulation and stimulate hair follicle formation, thus paving the way for you to grow long healthy hair.

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