May 19, 2024

Research shows that taking care of skin and hair or wearing makeup is a major mood enhancer and helps to boost confidence

Now, more than ever, looking good is closely linked to emotional well being. Mental health experts say that taking care of skin, grooming, pampering your skin, even wearing makeup can all be pegged under the category of ‘mood enhancers.’ Research shows that besides doing skincare, wearing makeup is also a form of therapy that instantly lifts your mood and boosts your confidence.

According to a study done in the US by the Social Psychology Department at Hanover College, there is a direct co-relation between makeup usage and self-esteem. The research states that a high percentage of women feel that their outward appearance influence their self-esteem – since makeup helps to enhance the appearance, so it helps to boost their confidence.

So, not using makeup or looking after skin and hair can impact the feel-good factor. This became evident in the last two years, when pandemic driven lockdown forced people to stay at home and cut down on using makeup and other styling products and professional beauty services. This actually led to many going through body dysmorphic issues, with mental health experts saying that not being able to follow their usual grooming and beauty routines made these people anxious and even depressed.

Using Beauty Care Boosts Your Mental Health

Says Dr Rohit Batra, a Delhi based Dermatologist, Skincare Expert and Dermatosurgeon that one of the easiest to destress after a stressful day is to do some self-care with a mini facial or home spa or even a simple massage. It helps to relax and take your mind off the problems that might be plaguing you. In a time when mental health issues are affecting so many, small self-care habits can really help someone.

In fact, it is not just skin, makeup and hair, even taking care of your wellbeing through other activities can also go a long way in improving your mental health. In the current scenario, where there is a higher consciousness about clean, sustainable beauty, the focus is not just on your appearance, it about feeling good about every aspect of your self – mind and body. It is about taking a more holistic approach, ensuring to have a healthy skin ad hair and feeling good about your natural self.

How To Use Mindful Self Care To Banish Stress & Anxiety

It’s important to be aware that happiness and enhanced self-esteem comes from boosting your natural beauty from within and not just superficially. So, the first step to self-care is to be mindful about what you want to achieve and setting realistic expectations from your beauty routine.

Work your internal wellbeing: It starts with the mind. Set aside time daily to practice meditation and yoga that relaxes and calms you. Yoga and meditative breathing also help to get your blood circulation right and detox your body. This also gives you time and space to focus on you.

Develop healthy skin and hair habit: Understand your skin and hair, know their texture, and feel. The condition of your skin and hair changes with change in temperature, stress levels, hormones, and natural aging process. Tune in and be alert to these changes and adjust your skin care and hair care routine accordingly.

Avoid following all beauty trends: Don’t let social media dictate your beauty regimen or your looks. Not every look or style works. Your beauty is as unique as you. Pick products and style that suit you. It should define you, highlight your beauty and make you look good in the most natural healthy way. Most important of all; you should feel good, no, great, you should feel great!

Opt for clean beauty products: Staying in the mindful beauty and wellness path means being responsible not just to yourself but also the planet. It means using products that are eco-friendly, sustainable and have low carbon footprint. Pick makeup and beauty products that are made without any harmful chemicals, and are cruelty-free, organic and have sustainable packaging practices.  

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