July 19, 2024
Clean Beauty
With the word about clean beauty on rise, consumers are getting more and more conscious towards making sustainable choice. This makes it critical to focus on clean perfumes that's free of chemical toxins and transparent about the ingredients. Here's what you need to know about clean perfume.

As the winters slowly transition to spring – everything from parks, roadsides, forests & gardens are sprinkled with floral blooms. Nature inspires notes of fresh fragrance and artisanal perfumes formulated with clean ingredients that are gentle on the planet. With a plethora of fragrances lined up on the racks, it’s a rarity to find something that smells good yet reminds us of sustainability as the need of the hour.

Beauty and wellness product consumers are becoming more aware by the day. While there is quite a buzz about clean beauty, clean perfumes are yet to find their voice amongst the mass consumers. The world of perfume is a little murky with brands not being transparent about the labels and putting every under the umbrella term “fragrance”.

Still, wondering what exactly are clean perfumes? Here is all you need to know about it.

What Is Clean Perfume?

From earthy or woody tones to floral notes to fresh scents inspired by the sea, these perfumes have a natural fragrance. The perfumes are crafted with sustainable and skin-friendly components with the brands maintaining transparency on the ingredients used. Another crucial aspect is the use of ingredients that do not make the skin prone to irritation or adverse reactions.

The aim of formulating clean perfume is to keep it free of chemical toxins like sulphates, phthalates, parabens, and formaldehyde as well as a harmful essential oil. Most of the clean perfumes are inspired by botanical extracts, and herbs and curate a sustainable fragrance. Clean fragrances are much coveted essentials as we move into spring and trail through the summers. The perfumes are cruelty-free, recyclable, eco-conscious, sustainable, and majorly vegan.

Why Do You Need Clean Perfume?

Undoubtedly, clean perfumes for women and men are becoming essential with time. As per the International Fragrance Association (IFRA) as of 2022, nearly 3,619 fragrance and functional-based ingredients are listed out of which 100+ ingredients are used in perfume formulations.

However, a few studies show that some of the formulas might emit the same amount of chemical vapors as emissions from cars. These are known as VOCs or volatile organic compounds, that reach proteins in the body. These in turn are known to cause breathing issues, migraines, skin irritation, hormone imbalance, etc. This creates the need for clean perfumes to bridge the gap between undisclosed compositions to maintain transparency.

Our Recommendation For Clean Perfumes 

Naso Profumi Saffron Infused in Musk & Amber

Naso Profumi Infused in Musk & Amber
Naso Profumi Infused in Musk & Amber

A perfume that’s crafted with saffron sourced from the valley of Kashmir that’s earthy yet simple. The artisan perfume has healing properties enriched with musk and amber.

Paul Penders Eau De Perfume, Rain Flower, and Jasmine 

Paul Pender Rain Flower Jasmine Delicate Scents
Paul Pender Rain Flower Jasmine Delicate Scents

The signature botanical fragrance is created from extracts of 22 organic and aromatic herbs, combined with fine essential oils. The floral notes and organic herbs give a soothing fragrance.

Souvenir De Royalty EDP For Women 

Souvenir de Royalty
Souvenir de Royalty

The fragrance exudes spicy, floral, and citrusy notes with an earthy aroma that has a long-lasting and soothing aroma. The perfume is lab-tested and safe.

Lambre X EDT For Men 

Lambre Eau De Toilette For Men
Lambre Eau De Toilette For Men

The fragrance has a woody and citrusy smell that’s refreshing with notes of grapefruit, refreshing marines, and sweet mandarin. The blend embodies the spicy woody aroma of forest moss, exotic gaiac wood, and patchouli.

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