June 25, 2024
Spring brings fresh hues, floral blooms, and trends that are vivid, vibrant, and in sync with the mood. From shimmery eyes to hyper-glossy lips to eccentric accents, here’s what you need to know about Spring 2023 beauty trends.

With the winter essentials gone into hibernation, the enchanting spring is making its way for a fresh start. It’s time to not only declutter but stay on top of the game and be in sync with the spring beauty trends. With the growth of conscious consumerism and its regal spread across the globe, trends that converge the masses toward sustainability will drive attention.

Spring, like its seasonal bloom, is likely to invite a focus on naturally blended, organic, and skin-friendly actives inspired by nature’s apothecary. As we look ahead to spring, here are these fabulous beauty trends that are likely to permeate the approval of consumers. We got the hottest spring trends, from the buzziest ingredient to the choicest of makeup, here’s everything you need to know.

1. Quirky And Vivid Hair Colors 

Gone are the days when coloring hair meant burgundy, brown, or traces of red. People are now experimenting with tons of bolder and more vivid shades of hair dyes from green, blue, purple, blonde, fuchsia pink, and many others. With brands formulating clean, organic, and non-toxic hair dyes, more and more people are hopping on the bandwagon of hair color as a form of self-expression. As spring brings a hint of freshness with wild blossoms, the quirky hair colors give a fresh makeover.

We recommend: Paradyes Semi Permanent Creme Color Jar Only, Saxony Yellow

Paradyes - Saxony Yellow Semi-Permanent Creme Color
Paradyes – Saxony Yellow Semi-Permanent Creme Color

2. More Of Shimmer and Sparkle

It’s time to awaken the retro spirit and party with shimmery swashes and sparkly swirls. Spring beauty trends create space for celestial applications like shiny winged liners in bold hues like green, blue, or pink. Electric pigments and neon shades are slowly sliding and staying through the spring. New York Fashion Week gave an early siren of what’s likely to be trending – glittery and winged eyeliner to color-blocked effect.

We recommend: Ruby’s Organics Quick Set Liquid Eyeshadow -Aurora

Trendy and shimmery green eyeliner by Ruby’s Organics

3. Plumped And Glossy Pouts

From lip injections to super glossy lips, it is all going to trend this spring. Lip gloss took a back seat for a while but it’s got back in the game. Lip gloss permeated unapologetically in Y2K fashion, especially high-gloss nude and bold red pouts. Plump and glossy lips in shades of coral and dark berry with a dewy complexion are likely to trend this spring.

We recommend: Ruby’s Organics Lip Oil Gloss, Sangria

Lip Oil Gloss by Ruby's Organics
Lip Oil Gloss by Ruby’s Organics

4. Super blushed to look to make a comeback 

Remember the 80s style with super-blushed application that runs from cheekbones to temples. Yes, the rosy shine is all set to make its return for spring 2023. Layering blushes and berry tones gives quite the theatrical look, also runaway-approved. Along with a super-blushed look, underpainting is another trend that is likely to be popular. A subtle take of contouring, it’s a look popularized by Hailey Bieber and Kendall Jenner’s makeup artist popularly known as “Mary Phillips Contour”. Underpainting involves applying contour first, with concealer and foundation layered on top.

We recommend: Daughter Earth Purple Blush with Java Plum & Vitamin E

Purple Blush by Daughter Earth
Purple Blush by Daughter Earth

5. Bold and eccentric accents 

Vivid experimenting is something that brings a breath of fresh air this spring. As much as bronze and brown tones will continue to prevail, there will be unsettling adoption of hot pink blush swirls, a magnetic swirl of orange eyeliner, or crazy to think but lemon-yellow lipstick. Etro’s spring show gave way for two-toned lips. Colorful and accentuated eye makeup will open a stunning spring gala with colorful palettes selling like hotcakes.

We recommend: Physicians Formula Shimmer Strips Extreme Shimmer Shadow & Liner, Bronze Eyes

Shimmer shadow and liner by Physician's Formula
Shimmer shadow and liner by Physician’s Formula

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