May 20, 2024
Top tips to treat your lifeless hair and restore it.

How to revive dull hair

Top tips to treat your lifeless hair and restore it.

Nobody likes dull, lifeless hair. But if you are getting your hair chemically treated on a regular basis, then lacklustre hair can become a major hair woe.

The chemicals strip off natural oil and moisture making your strands dry, brittle and weak “Whether changing the texture of your hair or your hair colour, your hair gets weak as the chemicals swell up the cuticles and weaken the hair shaft,” says Mumbai-based Dr Apoorva Shah, Trichologist and founder of RichFeel Trichology Centre.

This is because the chemicals, used for the treatments, change the natural structure of your strands, and inhibit your scalp’s ability to produce natural oils that give the hair its healthy sheen.

The dull, lifeless look of your hair is also a marker for the condition of your health. Stress, hormonal imbalance, and lack of right nutrients impact the quality of your hair – draining away moisture and making hair dry and unmanageable.

Don’t be disheartened with your dull hair. Here are the steps to transform your dull, lifeless hair to something lush and lustrous.


  1. Clarify your strands: Dullness is often the result of build-up on the strands, and that can be easily remedied by using a clarifying shampoo that clears away build-up and residue from styling products.
  2. Revive strength and shine with oil: Massaging your roots with a cold-pressed herbal hair oil improves circulation to the roots. Apply the oil through the length of your hair to moisturise strands and smoothen the cuticles. Look for coconut oil, hemp oil, bhringraj oil for intense repair.
  3. Use a shine-boosting conditioner: Apply a cuticle smoothening and repairing conditioner to your hair post shampoo. You can keep on your conditioner longer than usual to add moisture to the strands.
  4. Avoid heat: Use col water as a last rinse to keep hair soft and smoothen lifted cuticle. It adds shine. Ditch the blow dryer and the straightener, allow your hair to air dry.
  5. Protect strands with serum: Smooth away flyaways, prevent tangle and add shine to strands by applying a repairing and shine-enhancing serum to your slightly damp hair. These have been formulated with radiance boosting actives.
  6. Nourish hair from inside: Load up on hair healthy food and supplements. Drink up plain water and fruit-infused water. Eat spinach, eggs, fish and yogurt to restore hair. Add extra dose of biotin, iron, zinc and B vitamins to counter hair damage.

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