July 20, 2024

Beauty might be skin deep, but beautiful skin requires the right foods. What you eat will show on your skin. So, focus on eating right this National Nutrition Week

“The first form of happiness is sound health, one should partake in nutritious, balanced food to keep the body healthy. So it is essential to maintain the health of the mind and body simultaneously.” — Rig Veda

For centuries now, our country has been a pioneer in the field of nutrition and beauty. By the means of scriptures such as the Rig Veda, Patanjali’s treatise on Ayurveda and various Upanishads Indians have always focused on, and believed in the philosophy of “healthy body, healthy mind”.

However in the contemporary landscape, the focus on healthy and holistic nutrition has been dwindling because of reasons that could range from a fast-paced life to professional and academic stress, with addition to the increased dependency on food and beauty products that are heavily synthetic or are grown and/or packed with huge chemical dependency.

In that light, did you know that every year from September 1 to September 7, National Nutrition Week is observed? It aims to promote the importance of a well-balanced diet that contains all of the nutrients that our bodies require for various functions and the maintenance of our overall health. This initiative is taken by The Food And Nutrition Board of India, which is overseen by the Ministry of Women And Child Development. Every year, National Nutrition Week focuses on a different theme and addresses it through the launch of various programmes. Last year’s theme was ‘Feeding Smart From the Start,’ and this year, all the programmes would be under the theme of ‘Celebrate A World Of Flavors.’

The theme for this year’s nutrition week is to bring awareness of course but also to expand people’s food palette into nutritious dishes from all over the world. It is also to motivate people to have a healthy lifestyle, which is all the more a basic necessity pertaining to hectic changes in lifestyle habits and a slump in the overall atmosphere that we reside in. The list of reasons urging people to change their current habits into more healthy and sustainable ones just goes on and on. What matters is, how much of it you believe in. 


That being said, we must not ignore the connection between nutrition and beauty. After all, you are what you eat. The importance of a healthy diet for a healthy, well-functioning gut has been brought to the forefront not only by doctors and nutritionists but also by various dermatologists and beauty experts.

Nutricosmetic is a trend that gained popularity pertaining to the importance of nutrients and the lack of them in our daily lifestyle. Nutricosmetics are products and components that work as nutritional supplements to maintain the natural attractiveness of the skin, nails, and hair. They work from the inside out to enhance the inner beauty. This trend quickly gained popularity because it corresponds to modern culture:

Consumers today are increasingly cautious about the food they put in and onto their bodies, and there is also a developing need for natural products that can improve one’s health and beauty without side effects and substantial traction before usage. Beauty begins at the center of your body i.e. your gut. Your skin is the reflection of the plethora of activities happening inside your body, and this is exactly where your nutrient intake comes into play. Anything and everything you consume is bound to show up on your skin as either a glow or a blow.


Eating clean and using clean cosmetics is the essence of keeping your skin and body in its best form. The emphasis on the consumption of the right products, be it internally or externally is of utmost importance with the kind of fast-paced life we are all living in. It is no surprise that a meal plan with high sugar content and processed chemicals along with skincare products that do not subsume or fit right with your skin type would bring with it not only a plethora of medical disorders, but also cases of acne, hair fall and breakage of skin barriers, and an overall absence of healthy skin and hair. And at the same time, a hearty meal with the right nutrients and vitamins along with skincare that’s free of toxins and enriched with the right ingredients will help bring out the best in your health and also your skin. 

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