April 22, 2024
Get your glow on with these inimitable highlighters that not only give you a clean and glowy look, but are also clean in all its essence.

Whether you want to fake a natural glow or look ultra glam with glass-like glimmer on your cheeks, we’ve got you covered. Here are the best highlighter from the top clean makeup brands in India.

Every day, millions of beauty and makeup connoisseurs wake up a and bless the person who came up with the idea of a highlighter, as they get on with their day. Your cheekbones’ best friend and the perfect ending to your makeup, a highlighter has all the power to lift up your mood with just one stroke. Gives you that subtle morning sunshine look, or a midnight dewy glimmer, whatever it is that you love by putting on their favorite stick of shine.

Highlighting, although a bit tricky, when mastered truly enhances your natural glow and elevates your facial structure. There is no limit when it comes to trying and experimenting with a highlighter. A versatile stick, liquid, powder, you think of one and it’s all there, is a legit genie in a box to shape your face and change the light of it all. And we, at The Vanity Dossier, are here to help you guide through the heaps of makeup products available around you, to get the best, safest and cleanest highlighter that will put the pixie dust in your everyday life just like Tinker Bell!

Raw Beauty Wellness Crème Highlighter

A beautifully rich cream highlighter, that looks and feels so delicious that you might want to take a scoop out! Its soft gold luster tone is perfect for all Indian skin tones. Its superpower is not only the very versatile shade but also that it can be used as an eyeshadow or blush. Enriched with Argan oil, it blends into your skin smoothly and lasts all day. 

Dromen & Co Bronze, Highlighter Paper

A highlighter so portable and lightweight (literally) that it is bound to bring its “A-Game” always and forever. This paper highlighter is a game changer as it absorbs excess oil from your face while leaving you with that glitter & radiance that really compliments your skin. Its beautifully bronze luster has pigments that mimic the soft and natural light, keeping you forever ready for that sun-kissed look!

Ilana Organics Celestial Pop, Moon Pop Highlighter

Moon Pop by Ilana Organics is a delicious champagne, iridescent highlighter that won’t dry out or flake or break by any chance. This gentle highlighter has a cream-like texture which blends smoothly and is made with skin-soothing ingredients like Aloe Vera, Glycerin, and Coconut Oil to give you a radiant glow that rivals the Sun and the Moon! Use it as a highlighter or simply blend it into your face cream for a radiant, lit-from-within glow.

Disguise Cosmetics Champagne Moonshine 63

The TVD Team’s favorite, this highlighter stick by Disguise Cosmetics is easy to use, super smooth and in short: to die for! Champagne Moonshine is a metallic bliss that is sure to spice up any and every look. It is super pigmented and also effortlessly blends into your skin. It gives a glowy look with even application and stays on your face like the stars in the sky. Light and waterproof, this highlighter is literally all you need. 

Daughter Earth Illuminator, Glow Goddess

The Illuminator is a soothing balmy product that is as light as air and formulated with actual skincare ingredients, so you only worry about highlighting it right and nothing else. It is perfect for understated everyday wear, because it gives you that natural, subtle glow without being loud. Its luminous and silky formula illuminates your face while ingredients like Wild Sea Berry and Astragalus Root keep your skin moisturized as well as lit.

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