May 20, 2024

The new age, clean makeup and beauty brands not only want to liberate women with multi-use makeup products, but also lend a helping hand towards the betterment of the environment

‘Clean Makeup’, this word, which has now taken the beauty industry by storm was first coined in the 1970s, in reference to a no-makeup, fresh & dewy look. It was only later in the 2000s that it took an altogether different meaning. So what exactly is clean makeup and why are clean makeup products gaining popularity in a trice?

Clean beauty does not necessarily mean “chemical-free”, because at the end of day, water is also a chemical. ‘Clean’ simply means that these products stay away from the bad chemicals that have the potential to harm our skin and the planet, and use the good ones instead.


Likewise, clean makeup consists of makeup products that use ingredients that are safe for the skin, the environment and everything in between. They work to treat and improve your skin and make them healthier. They do not contain commonly known list of nasties, such as lead – being one of the most popular ingredients in makeup – and so are free of toxins. So, if we have to state what exactly clean makeup is, it is makeup products that have elements of skincare infused in it. These products not only enhance your looks but are good for your skin. Since they do not contain any harmful chemicals plus for our surroundings and instead of degrading the quality of your skin, improve it instead.

However, most people have the idea that clean makeup is light, less pigmented and may not have a long-lasting payoff as compared to the regular makeup products that they may own. But that’s simply not true. Clean makeup is toxin-free and has a high percentage of natural ingredients that can give you as much colour pay-off as regular products – the only difference is that the pigments are non-toxic and can have nature-based origin. One good thing about clean makeup is that they are vegan and cruelty-free.

Although it must be hard to move on to other products over your favorite makeup counterparts, clean makeup is something which will benefit your skin later and you will be nothing but only thankful.

While, it might seem tough to go completely ‘clean’ with your makeup choices since most of us always have that one favourite shade or ‘most-loved’ texture that cannout be found anywhere other than your preferred brand. But, when trying out a new product, it is easier to pick that ‘Clean’ option over the regular brands. This is because today we have more clean makeup option than ever, with interesting formulations, colour options and texture choices.


In India, while the concept of nature-infused makeup and beauty is not new, but the clean beauty movement is taking steam as the new generation gets stoked by the idea. Market forecast websites like WGSN also have been predicting the rise in the usage of clean beauty products for years now. “Over the last 7 years, consumer awareness about product formulations, ingredients and ethical practices has increased. Another concern that is shaping newer conversations is about the waste generated by the beauty industry through plastic packaging and its impact on the environment. It is redefining the standards of the beauty and skincare industry in India where beauty brands are adopting a more sustainable approach,” says Asha Jindal Khaitan, Founder of aša, one of the leading clean, luxury and sustainable makeup brands.

Another reason why the movement of clean beauty/makeup is expediting is the grave and adverse environmental changes. As Sabrina Suhail, founder of Tinge says, “With climate change, people have been more aware of what they’re using and putting in the ground ,which is why more and more new homegrown companies are still coming up right now, and they have definitely initiated the clean beauty movement in India in their own way.”

For clean makeup brands, this movement has definitely been nothing but better. Today, not only do these new age beauty brands want to liberate women, but also want to lend a helping hand towards the betterment of the environment. Khaitan adds, “We are a catalyst in liberating one towards a more conscious way of life – what we call clean awakening. It’s about empowering the aša woman who is seeking choices not just for herself but for the goodness of the planet as well.”


There is a noticeable growth in consumers’ needs more than ever. With increasing awareness, consumers are becoming choosier than ever. Suhail of Tinge feels that giving consumers the power to decide is a good way for makeup brands to make a mark in the marker. She adds, “Considering Tinge is a customized brand, the clients feel that they have power to control whatever they want with whatever they put on their faces. The consumers today specifically ask for a clean skin, which is why I teach them to put just a tinge of makeup.”

A makeup brand which is seemingly very popular amongst the Gen-Z and is growing rapidly, is Gush Beauty Founder of Gush Sheil Jain says, “Our consumers are our formulators!” Adding to this, Khaitan says, “Consumers are discerning more than ever before. Conscious beauty is gaining momentum as our consumers continue to educate themselves by asking the right questions that impact their personal values. For us, it is part of our DNA to educate them about clean beauty, the NO-list ingredients, clean formulations, and sustainable packaging.”

Multi-use makeup products – the latest in makeup trend that has caught the fancy of the consumers. With minimalism in beauty and makeup taking steam, makeup users want a hassle-free way of looking good. They are more than willing to use one product that can do the work of three things. “It’s easy to apply, carry and touch up when you have just one makeup product,” says internationally reknowned, celebrity makeup expert Bobbi Brown, founder of Jones Road Beauty. She adds that these multi-use products are mostly skincare meets makeup that can work as a highlighter, tinted moisturizer, add colour to your lips and cheeks, and are perfect for days when you don’t want to fresh and natural.

In India, the aša lip and cheek tint, Gush Beauty Glow Getter, are all multi-use products that can be stashed easily for a fast pick-me-up for your face. These products are made keeping in mind the modern multifaceted woman,  who can use a single product simplifying the need for excess. “When we first started out we had only 4 products that could be used to do the work of 20 others- by infusing skincare with makeup and creating makeup staples that could be used to replace half your makeup kit”, says Jain.


Here are some of the makeup trends that our clean makeup brand founders say are worth trying with your multi-use clean makeup product

The Anti-Mascara Mmakeup Trend : Sheil Jain, Gush Beauty

It is a look that has been made popular by the TikTok makeup gang, and is currently a hot trending topic on social media. Despite what the name suggests, this look is about using your mascara in more than one way. Actually, it’s about using your mascara in ways that you have never used before – as an eye shadow over your lids or other focal points around the eyes.

The Glow-On-The-Go Look : Asha Jindal Khaitan

This is about looking fresh and natural without effort – with skin glowing at strategic points on your face. It’s about looking healthy and radiant in an effortless way. Multi-use Lip and Cheek tints work best for this. Just stash one of those in a soft pink matching your skin tone and dab some on the apple of your cheeks, brow bones, temple and lips. You look radiant without much.

Chocolate Brown Lipstick: Sabrina Suhail

Everything 90’s is seeing a big revival, and so its creamy, glossy brown lips – especially those done up in chocolate brown. Brown works amazingly well for our Indian complexion. Even if you are not into dark, pigmented lip look, a sweep of sheer chocolate brown lipstick is the way upgrade your looks right now.

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