July 20, 2024
HArini Sivakumar, Earth Rhythm

Harini Sivakumar, Founder & CEO, Earth Rhythm talks to TVD about the reason behind taking to the clean beauty movement and how she is trying to take the movement one step further with her clean brand.

What does following a clean beauty regime really mean? What are the benefits of opting for such a thing? Do you think it is easy to take to the clean beauty movement?

In all honesty, it can be a little challenging making the switch, since we’re so used to the traditional beauty regimes. But once you start to learn about the benefits clean beauty products have on your skin, there’s no going back. It’s claimed that as much as 60% of what you apply on your skin makes its way into your bloodstream. Clean beauty products, like those of Earth Rhythm are thoughtfully created and have no toxic ingredients, artificial colour or fragrance, so you know what goes in your skin is only going to benefit you with zero side effects.

What does the clean beauty movement signify for you?

The clean beauty movement to us, are basically the guidelines of how your skin care should look like. It gives me immense pleasure that more & more people are getting aware about cleaner products that are not only good for them but also for the planet. Ever since I started Earth Rhythm, it was my goal to spread awareness about these things and it gives me immense pleasure to see the development in this sector. Although we’re still far away from the actual goal, it’s great to see the progress so far & to be an active part of it.

How have you personally adopted this clean beauty and green living movement?

The one thing that helped me take this step was being a mother. I had to think about the wellbeing of my child and the future generations. To take care of the planet for them if not anyone else was the goal. I started my journey with looking for ingredients that are clean and safe for the environment, along with realising the demand for sustainable solutions through customer feedback at the very initial stage. I then realised that I wanted my brand to stand on three pillars- sustainability, efficacy, inclusivity.

Since launching your own beauty brand, how has your own skin and hair care regime changed? Can you take us through your beauty regime?

I think what I have learnt is that the key to an effective regime is to be consistent. Treating your skin is a journey, where results do not show up overnight and it is only consistency that will fetch you results by using smartly formulated products that have ingredients suited to your skin type and the particular concern. 

What are your personal favourites from your brand that you like to use on a daily basis? 

Some of my favourites are our Ultra Defence Hybrid Sun Fluid SPF 50, Phyto Ceramide Moisturiser, and the Lip Cheek Tint. 

Do you expect consumer behaviour to change with respect to clean beauty? How do you see the clean beauty movement taking up in the Indian market in the coming years?

Most definitely. As I already said, the opinion and awareness towards cleaner beauty options is at an all-time high. With more greener options available in the market and the awareness for greener alternatives to our everyday products. Stats, as I mentioned above, say the same and it’s also the need of the hour so I am positive that the market for sustainable & clean beauty products is only set to grow in the coming years.

Wouldn’t the uniqueness of this concept be lost with so many brands coming in with similar messages? How do you retain your USP?

Clean beauty products have different meanings for different brands/people. For some brands, it means using zero synthetic products right from the ingredients to the packaging, they make it sustainable; meanwhile it can also mean creating mindful products that are chemical-free and good for the skin. We, at Earth Rhythm have gone a step further by making all our products 100% natural ingredients, Ecocert Certified, PETA certified to be cruelty free as well. We continue to work on this to not only capitalise on it but to make the world a better place. 

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