February 29, 2024
Makeup trends to watch up in 2023
The enchanting window to the fashion shows gave us a sneak-peak into the upcoming makeup trends. Here are some trends that 2023 is most likely to see in the house of makeup.

As we all prepare to welcome the new year, so is our innate inclination towards fresh beginnings and starting the year on the fuel of goodness. It’s almost euphoric to sit back and introspect how the season gently transitions and so does the eye for fashion and makeup trends.

With the orange hues of autumn metamorphosed into a white canvas, there is a whisper of curiosity and a wind of change. The altering colours inspire new makeup trends to light up the winter fire. With the new year just 2 days shy, it’s time to embrace a new trendy makeup or give a twist to the existing palette and own that statement look. Bold or nude – the choice is yours, but we love them both.

Dust off your awkwardness and go all-in with these fantastic makeup trends in 2023, it’s time to let your inner goddess shine.

Minimalistic Make-up – Less is more 

Don’t like the idea of going over the top – we hear you! A no-makeup look is also a runway-approved makeup trend. It’s celebrating one’s natural look with a subtle hint of tinted blush on cheeks. If you love to keep it minimum and flaunt your natural skin, this is the makeup trend to watch out for. All you need is a little skin prep and priming, a light nude foundation dab, and little blush to complement the oh-so-natural radiance.

Our recommendation: Ruby’s Organics Crème Blush, Orchid

Subtle tinted blush for that perfect minimalistic look

Dewy, soft plump makeup 

It’s somewhat of a perennial trend but it’s here to stay longer than we think. A soft glow and dewy look is something everyone craves, just a subtle way to look bright and flawless. The trend gives the skin a dewy glow that’s akin to a freshly washed and deeply hydrated, moisturised face. Apply an illuminating foundation and dab cream highlighter to high points on your face and the temple. Add some natural blush and some gloss, and you are all set.

Our recommendation: Ruby’s Organics Peach Toned Crème Highlighter, Illuminate

Give a dab with this illuminating highlighter

Bold and Fiery – It’s Party Time

Either it’s all in or all out – is that the kind of person you are when it comes to makeup? The hot, fiery makeup is just the right choice if you like going all out and bold. What’s your shade – purple, red, green, or hot pink? Here are a few ways to go all in with these fiery, quirky colours.

Red lipstick – Carry the classic

A classic red lipstick is just the staple you need to turn your matte or nude minimalistic look fiery and bold. Red is captivating, vibrant, and just the shade that complements every skin tone. Cherry red seems to be the shade of red for the upcoming makeup season.

Our recommendation: Trudiance Crème Lipstick, Red Oak

A classic old lipstick can never go old

Hues of eyeshadow

Gone are the days of black and silver – we would give it to the evergreen black smokey eyes though. A little birdie tells us that blue eyeshadow from the 80s is back and all set to be a part of the upcoming makeup trend. A peek into the latest season’s fashion gives us an idea of how much blue is in for the reign – from mascara to eyeshadow, it’s time to go bold blue. Donning blue eyelids is quite the pop culture for 2023. If you are in the mood for a bolder look, go all shimmery and metallic.

Our recommendation: Disguise Cosmetics Satin Smooth Eyeshadow Squares, Satin Teal Peacock 215

Blue or its slightly variant hue – it’s all a good start

Tinted sunscreen 

With people practicing minimalism, most people want to cover the basics and use minimum skin products. If you are not much of a makeup enthusiast yet crave luxe skin, here’s our little secret – grab a tinted sunscreen and glaze your heart out. It’s perfect for everyday makeup, and spot concealing and does the work of sunscreen that protects from nasty UVs. It gives a subtle tinted glow while protecting the skin from the sun and is just the right product if you want to skip layers of makeup.

Our recommendation: Re’equil Sheer Zinc Tinted Sunscreen with SPF 50 PA+++

Tinted sunscreen for that sun-protected glow

Every season and every year, makeup trends change. While some exist perennially and will continue to do so, some disappear in thin air. Here’s what we picked as the top makeup trends for 2023.

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