May 20, 2024
Minimalistic men skincare

There is a lot of talk about skincare, but the centre of gravity is focused on women. Men around the world are weirdly confused because skin talk has never been something the majority of men hold on to. We asked a few men about their daily skincare regime and the answer was simpler than we thought.

“Facewash – Cream – Sunscreen” – a common echo. Few did add exfoliation and rare encounters with a charcoal mask. No matter whether minimalistic or maximalist, every man deserves skincare that suits them. This Men’s Day, let’s guide you with a minimalistic skincare regime for men.

The sheer volume of products creates chaos but we are here to clear the air. Whether you are a true novice or a learnt one, this skincare regime for men is all you need to give your skin its daily dose of health.

Cleanse or wash your face twice a day

Imagine all the dust, dirt, sweat, and grime choking your pores. Just cleansing your face is all you need to keep your skin from becoming a breeding ground for acne or pimple. Make sure to wash your face twice and flush away any buildup. Wash your face in the morning to clean off excess sebum and let go of last night’s moisturiser. In the evening, wash off all the dust or grime that you have collected all along the way throughout the day.

Our recommendation: mCaffeine Anti-Acne Coffee Foaming Face Wash

mCaffeine foaming face wash

Moisturise to Keep Skin Hydrated

The next step after washing the face is moisturisation. As much as the cleanser or face wash gently removes the dust and grime, it also strips the face of the natural oil. Applying moisturiser hydrates the skin and create a defensive layer against toxins. Nourish skin to keep it from drying. It is best to use sunscreen in the morning and switch it to a night cream before going to bed.

Minimalist moisturizer

Our recommendation: Minimalist 3% Sepicalm Moisturizer with Oat Extract & Squalene

Make sunscreen your go-to 

It’s a myth that men don’t need sunscreen. We strongly advocate use of sunscreen before stepping out. A SPF sunscreen is a must as a part of the minimalistic skincare regime for men. The sunscreen defends the skin from UVA and UVB reducing the signs of ageing. An SPF 50++ is good enough to keep the sun from spreading its nuisance on your skin.

Our recommendationSuntique I’M Aqua Sun Essence SPF50+ PA++++

Suntique sunscreen

Exfoliate once or twice a week 

Before you go – “Exfoliate, what?”, let us tell you that exfoliation once or twice a week is all you need. Imagine all the dead skin cell hanging on to your face and not letting fresh skin cells breathe. Exfoliate to remove the dead cells and get a brighter, smoother complexion. Add this extra step between cleansing and moisturisation to slough off the dead cells and replenish your skin.

Our recommendation: mCaffeine Espresso Coffee Exfoliating Face Scrub for Blackheads with Walnut

mCaffeine Coffee face scrub 
Skincare routine for men

Dab a little serum for that extra mile 

Now that we have covered the basics, it does not hurt anyone to add a little something extra to your skincare routine. For men taking a step up, we recommend adding a serum to the daily skincare regime. Identify the purpose you want to use the serum for before making the purchase. As a basic recommendation, a hydrating serum enriched with hyaluronic acid is good to go for deep moisturisation.

Our recommendation: FCL Intensive Serum for Men

FCL serum for men

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