May 20, 2024
Whether its cool-girl chic or ultra-glam look, she knows how to be comfortable in her looks.

Deepika’s Glazed Cheekbones Is Makeup Goal That We Should Aim For This Summer

Whether its cool-girl chic or ultra-glam look, she knows how to be comfortable in her looks.

Donut Glaze. Image: @deepikapadukone via Instagram

Deepika Padukone stands out in the crowd for many reasons. She is versatile in every sense – whether it is her makeup or her fashion or the causes she supports. She has been tagged as one of the most influential people in the world – Time Magazine in 2018. True that; today Deepika represents global and high fashion brands like Louis Vuitton, Adidas, Levi’s etc and has been selected to be a jury in Festival De Cannes 2022.

What’s interesting to note is that unlike many celebs, Deepika has shown great support towards wellness; encouraging her fans to focus on their wellbeing. In fact, she has been highly vociferous about mental health and is one of the first celebrities in Bollywood to talk about it and highlight the challenges. Her Live Love Laugh Foundation whose programs and initiatives destigmatizes and creates awareness about mental health. It is a platform that offers support to people through various program partners.

Taking this wellness concept forward, Deepika has been promoting healthy eating through her culinary brand Epigamia. And now she is the face of Nua, the feminine menstrual hygiene and wellness brand.

According to Ravi Ramachandran, the CEO & Founder of Nua, Deepika is the perfect person to promote the brand – she is well-known for her youth connect and seems a natural choice for starting the conversation about menarche and women’s health and hygiene around it.

Whew! She does all this while setting makeup goals for the rest of us mortals. We are amazed at the fact that she can look as stunning when sporting a neutral and near-to-no-makeup look for Adidas and as when wearing her sultry, dark eyed, perfect-skinned rich-girl look for the red carpet.  Currently, we are obsessing over her glazed cheeks brought to focus by her smooth, velvety matte skin, intense brows and soft nude lips.

We have decoded the look for you, so read on to know how to master the glazed cheek look:

The basis of this look is healthy, poreless, blemish-free skin and products with creamy texture to give you an illuminated sheen – just like the glaze you see on a glazed doughnut. This look is more about having a smooth, supple skin than about any special makeup technique. You need to keep your skin in top shape by layering in glow-inducing serum, rich moisturiser and super blendable makeup products.

Celebrity makeup artist Robert Sesnek, whose celeb clients include Hailey Beiber, Kendall Jenner, Vanessa Hudgens to name a few, was quoted in Coveteur Magazine, that the key to this glazed look is how you place the glow and the texture of the product you use. “If the glow is too much all over the face, then it would end up looking greasy,” he was quoted saying. To get the look right you have to pick the right areas for you to add the glaze – the high point of your cheekbones going towards the temples, eye lids, tip of the nose. Resnek advises keeping rest of the face without any gloss and almost flat. This helps to pop out the glow points.

Prep and prime your skin. Be good and start by moisturizing your skin with a hydrating gel. It keeps the skin soft while giving you a more velvety texture. We love Lacuna Light Daily Protect Gel Moisturizer, Rs 645.

Create a smooth base, but avoid overdoing the foundation, as you need to keep the look natural and soft. A few drops of Paul Penders Handmade Moisture Foundation, Rs 1,100 in a shade closest to your skin tone should do the trick.

To get your skin glowing you can add a drop or two of face oil to the foundation. It gives a blurred, soft finish to your skin. Try a glow oil like First Water Pure 21 Face Oil, Rs 1,499. It’s infused with saffron that helps to minimize blemishes.

Glow Getters

Now use a cream highlighter or a strobe cream to highlight the areas of your face that catch light. A creamy product spreads evenly and allows you build it to the level you want. The two we like Ilana Organics Golden Hour Illuminating & Hydrating Strobe Cream, Rs 890 and Ruby’s Organics Subtle Gold Crème Highlighter, Rs 1,000.

The best way to apply the highlighters is to use your fingers to dab the product on to the areas. For that ultra-glazed look, mix a few drops of oil to your highlighter and apply. Keep rest of your face simple with nude pink lips, soft lined eyes and defined brows. To add extra oomph to your glazed look, use the highlighter and oil blend on your shoulders and collarbones.

Give this look a try, if you love things that add subtle glam.

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