April 22, 2024
From beauty to clothing to lifestyle, we bring you 5 sustainable brands which you must check out being a conscious and mindful shopper!

5 Sustainable Brands To Support This Earth Day

From beauty to clothing to lifestyle, we bring you 5 sustainable brands which you must check out being a conscious and mindful shopper!

Support brands that understand the planet’s needs along with your’s. Image: Photo by Lauris Rozentāls, Pexels

Celebrating Earth Day dates back to 1970, when it was first acknowledged in the United States by activist Denis Hayes. In 1990, Earth Day became global, lifting environmental issues onto the world stage. Since then, it has become an annual affair. The whole Earth is a network- Everything, and everyone is connected. The Covid-19 pandemic gave us time to reflect on the pressure we created on Mother Earth and going with this year’s Earth Day’s theme, Invest In Our Planet.

From climate emergencies to plastic pollution, it has become a matter of utmost importance and priority that we think of ways to protect and invest in our planet Earth. Fortunately, there are growing trends of sustainability and companies trying to alleviate the environmental dangers. We as consumers, and brands as providers are recognizing the need to make more functional and relevant designs which have a positive impact on our lives as well as on the environment. We, being a sustainable marketplace, summed up 5 sustainable brands in each category that you should check out and support them as well as the planet.

Daughter Earth: Clean Beauty Brand

Science meets Sustainability with the clean beauty brand, Daughter Earth. Their mission is to create the best formulas through scientific research and plant based bioactives, all while being conscious, ethical and creating impact at the grassroots. They do this at the confluence of advanced science and ancient Ayurveda – the ancient Indian science of life. Daughter Earth manufactures and provides 100% non-toxic, natural and high performance skincare and beauty products made from highest quality ingredients, which are good for your skin, as well as the environment. You can also shop clean and sustainable beauty at Vanity Wagon.

Doodlage: Sustainable Fashion

Doodlage is a sustainable clothing brand which upcycles factory waste into short limited edition collections. Recycle post consumer waste and post cutting scraps  into new fabrics to create season-less well finished garments made for longevity. What we waste is segregated and converted into accessories, soft furnishing products and paper to make our packaging or stationery products. All our pieces and fabrics are made with ethical production units and our packaging is designed to be plastic free.

MIANZI: Sustainable Home & Living

MIANZI is a purpose-led home décor and furnishing brand that is working to revolutionize and redefine sustainability through reimagining designs with our planet in mind. MIANZI is working in association with Madhya Pradesh State Bamboo Mission (MPSBM). They further enable MSME’s to create value by providing them with manufacturing resources and insights into recent trends. Working on international standards, MPSBM is propelling bamboo to become the perfect raw material which is sustainable and each design is handmade by heritage artists, therefore promoting employment.

Nua: Sustainable Wellness Brand

Nua is a feminine, wellness care brand offering hassle-free experiences tailored to a woman’s personal needs. They offer toxin-free & 100% safe ingredients, giving you uncomplicated, clean & holistic care. They have plastic-free packaging, are toxin-free, have 100% safe ingredients, and ergonomic designs suited to your life.

WHE By Abira: Sustainable Accessories

WHE stands for Made by Women, Handmade and Eco-friendly. Whe by Abira is a design-driven, ethical fashion accessories brand, committed to bring marginalized families out of the poverty cycle and inspire consumers to buy eco-friendly and handmade products. They transform garment cutting waste fabric, old papers, natural stones, recycled metals, natural fiber etc into sustainable yet trendy fashion accessories. They have upcycled up to 4000 plus kilograms of reject material till date and are continuing to do so. They aim to sensitize customers towards eco-friendly alternatives of products they use and make sure that every purchase ensures a fair wage to the women artisans.

Let us support the sustainable brands, invest in our planet Earth and ultimately in a better future.

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