June 25, 2024
Simplifying your skincare and makeup routine will continue to be big in 2022.

Skin Minimalism: Your Path to Clean Beauty

Simplifying your skincare and makeup routine will continue to be big in 2022

In the world of excesses, it is good to take a step back once in a while and declutter your life, take away the stress of using too many things – refresh and revive.

This rule applies to all aspects of your lifestyle, especially your beauty regime. With the new normal – a world ravaged by a pandemic – going minimalist with your skin and hair care regime should be the goal.

Why adopt skin minimalism

The idea is to banish the modern beauty ideals of using multi-step skin care regimen to look flawless. This is because as we nurse the stress that the pandemic brought on, there is a need for simplifying our lifestyles and living closer to nature, where less is more – being sustainable. So, with minimalist skin care you own the natural you and give your skin just the right amount of care it requires minus the excesses. This means ditching a seven-step skincare regime with multiple serums, essences, creams and potions. After a year of living without layers of makeup, and double cleansing our skin, it’s easy to see why a simplified version of skin care is all you need. Besides, beauty experts agree that it is a good idea to give your skin a break from product overload. This leaves your skin feeling more rejuvenated. When you are not overloading your skin with all sorts of products, and using just a few to maintain the natural balance, you will actually see a drastic change in how your skin looks and feels.

How to adopt skin minimalism regime

Over the years we tend to amass quite a horde; and it is not easy to give away all those unopened bottles and jars of bath, beauty and makeup products. You do not have to. The only step to follow is to start eliminating the products. Stash away all new products and remove 80% of your regular products from where you can access them. Your first step to going minimalist is to start finishing the half-used products, then moving to using newer ones. After a few weeks, you realise that you actually didn’t need so many variants of face washes and skin creams to look good or feel fresh.

What you need in skin minimalism regime

It’s simple really! All you need are three products on a daily basis. To keep your skin in top shape, cleanse your face thoroughly and then apply serum and moisturiser. Twice a week revive your tired skin by using a face scrub after face wash and then using a toning and repairing face mask.

For daily skin care, pick a good face wash, a serum and moisturiser. An occasional mask and scrub for weekly care. While foaming face wash is good for most skin types, pick an exfoliating face wash if you suffer from blackheads or clogged pores. Choose a serum that addresses your specific skin issue like spots and blemishes, acne, fine lines, dull dehydrated skin. Top your serum with a regular moisturiser or a moisturiser with sunscreen to keep skin protected from the harmful rays.

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