June 25, 2024

We are always in search of that perfect skin product that does double duty, no wait; we mean triple duty. We found just that product in Gush Beauty Glow Getter, the illuminating moisturizer – the one that’s a moisturizer, primer and skin illuminator, all rolled into one.


Imagine a moisturizer that does the function of a primer, a highlighter and SPF? When we first heard about the Gush Beauty Glow Getter, we were intrigued. Seeing the packaging added to that curiosity. It says ‘Illuminating Moisturizer’ on its fancy little pastel pink tube, we just knew we had to try it!

Three words for this moisturizer, fun, fuss-free & functional— that is how the brand describes itself, and we could not agree more! It is a soft, creamy, and lightweight multitasker which not only moisturizes your skin, but protects, illuminates as well as hydrates.


It is a versatile primer plus moisturizer plus illuminator which can be worn under makeup as well as a stand alone creme. It is a vegan moisturizer that works as a lot more things. Gush Beauty’s Glow Getter is basically skincare infused with clean makeup or vice versa, depends on how you use it. It is a moisturizer, illuminator, primer and sun protector all rolled into one! It is enriched with skin-loving ingredients like niacinamide, hyaluronic acid, super berries and amethyst extract, which only do good to your skin.


BENEFITS: Makeup often has toxic chemicals and preservatives in their formulation for it to stay longer. But Gush Beauty formulates makeup infused with skincare; which only gets better and safer with each use. It brightens skin, minimizes pores, and shields your face from the sun—all in a single swipe. It also hydrates your skin and gives it a plump and dewy finish, while protecting your skin’s barrier and giving it an even-tone.

There’s nothing that we don’t like about this product!

TEXTUREIt has a smooth, creamy texture that goes on sheer over our skin. It’s lightweight, so that you hardly feel it on your skin.

APPLICATION: Apply all over your face with fingers or a blending brush and watch it quickly getting settled well into the skin for a perfect, natural, dewy glow. You can do a lot with this versatile product:
1. Go solo with only this over your skin care.
2. Mix it with your foundation for that extra glow
3. Wear it as a primer before makeup
4. Add a bit on your collar bones to give your clavicles that popping highlight.

PRICE: A whopping quantity of 30 ml moisturizer-with-illuminator that also acts as a primer, priced for 1,190 INR is what makes it worth every single penny!


It is a 3-in-1 clean beauty product that has to have space in your vanity! It has a hydrated-cream like texture which blends and absorbs into the warmth of the skin easily, making it an everyday essential. It doesn’t feel sticky at all, sets into a dewy finish and is so lightweight that your skin feels like it’s floating! It gives your face just the right amount of shine, which truly makes it an all-time favourite.

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