May 20, 2024
TVD Editors tested Aroma Magic Hair Serum and share the verdict on this hair restoring, daily-use hair serum

Protect Your Strands From Damage With Aroma Magic Hair Serum

Read on to find out how this hair serum rated during the trying and testing period.

We would have seriously beautiful hair if only we listened to sense and did not cause external damage. But let’s face it, it’s not always easy to keep hair shining and in top shape especially if one is addicted to chemical treatments. And with all that our hair is somewhere between a broom and straw. It calls for a heavy-duty tress tamer to transform our hair to something human.

We are always in search of that one hair potion that promises to eliminate frizz, repair damage and restore shine and smoothness, hydrate the strands and keep hair manageable through the day. A tall order that. However, all the asks were served up when we tried Aroma Magic Hair Serum. A single pump of the serum was just right to smooth out our troubled tress. If you have longer hair, may we suggest a bit more of the serum to get your strands in order. We found that get hair shining and tamed, its best to use this serum on slightly damp hair. You can use it as a thermal protection against blow dryers and tongs by applying few drops on your dry hair before heat styling.


The serum is infused the antioxidant and astringent properties of mandarin and rose essential oils. These two actives are known to clarify and balance excess oil on the strands. They add shine and movement to the hair. The serum also has jojoba oil that nourishes and hydrates the shafts, while vitamin E helps to repair damage and seal in the cuticles, minimizing roughness and split ends. Aloe vera restores moisture to the strands improving texture and appearance.  

The serum has a lightweight, silky texture and easy to work through the strands. The product is without all the baddies – parabens, petrochemicals, phthalates, sulphates, toxic ingredients, artificial coloring and fragrances.


We loved it because it is simply so easy to use. We used it any time that we found that our wilful strands needed some taming. Not only does this prevent frizz and humidity from spoiling our hair; but the antioxidants in the serum also protect from damage by the UV rays. It also kept our coloured strands from feeling like straw. Since we started using this, our hair has not needed much to look shiny, feel soft and have that amazing swish.


Yes. You can try this product out if you have rough, chemically treated, and wavy hair. It is great for daily use and offers easy manageability to your hair. However, if you are looking for some heavy-duty styling, then this one is not for. Ideal for dealing with fine hair as well, as this does not weigh your hair down.

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