June 25, 2024

Does dryness in winter keep visiting you like the unwanted pimple every now and then? It’s time you give body oils a try!

The winter chills are bound to give us dry, flaky skin no matter what the skin type is. Body creams and lotions can also do so much until after two-three hours of showering. What makes the dryness worse is not providing them with enough moisture and turning on the heaters. Taking care of the whole body is as important as taking care of the skin just above the neck and hence invented are body butters, body lotions and body oils.

Body oils have the ability to nourish, hydrate your skin and give it a boost of moisture. Oils contain natural lipids, similar to those present in our skin barrier. These lipids help fill the gaps between our skin cells that can appear due to dryness or flaking. What makes body oils the best is their power to lock in & seal moisture in the skin. They also smoothen and soften your skin and make your skin as supple as a baby’s with regular usage. 

Are Body Oils Better Than Body Lotions/Creams?

No. There is hardly a difference or two between body oil and body cream. The first difference is their consistency. Body oils are comparatively thicker than body lotions and therefore heavier, making them perfect for extremely dry skin types. The second difference is that body oils are composed of, well, oils and body lotions or cream are mostly water-based. Both of them can be used for all skin types. Therefore, comparing body oils and body lotions wouldn’t be ideal as both of them have benefits of their own, the primary benefit being keeping the skin moisturized.

How To Use Body Oil?

Apart from the moisturizing effects of body oils, some of them are also known to be made from therapeutic essential and herbal oils that have a calming and soothing effect on your body. No wonder why oil formulations are popular for relieving pain. Below are some ways to correctly use body oils.

  1. After Showering

The best time to use body oil is immediately after you shower. After toweling off, use the oil on your body but don’t slather it. The goal is to make your body feel hydrated, not greasy.

  1. Use with Cream or Lotion

Either use the body oil before your body lotion or after, layering makes sure that your body’s skin is even more nourished and moisturized than before. Recommended for extremely dry skin.

  1. Drop Some In Your Bath

Mixing body oils in your bath (a few drops preferably) is a great way to give your body moisturization while soaking up in the warm water. What would make the experience more rejuvenating is using natural aromatic oils to give your mood and body a therapeutic boost.

Best Body Oils For Dry Skin

  1. Plum BodyLovin’ Vanilla Vibes Body Oil

2. Brillare Pure Coconut Oil

3. Aminu Vit C Body Oil with Squalane

4. Indulgeo Essentials Avocado Oil

5. Oleum Cottage Skin Softening After Shower Body Oil

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