May 19, 2024

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The Vanity Dossier is your definitive authority on all things beauty and wellness – with focus on clean beauty and green, healthy lifestyle. It is a beauty and wellbeing magazine that is here to start the dialogue on clean, green and responsible beauty. We aim to inspire, educate, and guide our readers on the evolving meaning of beauty and wellbeing in the ever- shifting lifestyle situation.

The Vanity Dossier has evolved from the need to create awareness about clean beauty and support the consumers to move towards that. Our team of beauty content experts take a journalistic approach to bring you well-researched articles backed by expert recommendations and reviews. In The Vanity Dossier you will find credible, informative, and objective inputs from beauty and lifestyle experts. Here we share with you, in-depth review of beauty products, latest trends, tips and tricks. All these to help you make informed and confident choices for your beauty and wellness needs.

Its sister brand Vanity Wagon, with a vision to replace toxic, chemical-laden products with natural, organic, sustainable personal care alternatives that are safe for you and the environment, is the first and largest Clean Beauty Marketplace in India. It was conceived in 2018 keeping in sight the direct need of sustainable beauty and a conscious lifestyle. Four years later, in 2022, we realised the lack of a clean beauty information and awareness portal in the country, which could educate and introduce people to this necessary concept. Thus, The Vanity Dossier was born.

At The Vanity Dossier, we hope to create a community where we celebrate individuality, lifestyle, and beauty in every form - help our readers be confident in their beauty and wellness choices. We are here to support our readers in this journey as you find that perfect balance in living a beautiful and mindful lifestyle.


The Vanity Dossier Editorial Team is dedicated to bringing you best of beauty and wellness advice and products that actually work. We sift through beauty launches, try and test them so that you don’t have to. We constantly research on trends, products, and ingredients, so that you make informed decision about your beauty and lifestyle choices.

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Naina Ruhail

Chief Beauty Hoarder
(Founder & Editorial Director)

With a background in beauty, makeup and styling, Naina is totally immersed in the world of beauty, especially in clean, green beauty. She started out in the world of beauty as an influencer and garnered a strong follower base. Naina believes in motivating thousands of consumers in making the right choice when it comes to beauty products and solutions. In fact, before starting The Vanity Dossier, she started her clean beauty initiative with The Vanity Wagon, a marketplace for clean, green, sustainable beauty products.

As the Co-CEO of Vanity Wagon, Naina uses data and analytics to understand the consumers’ needs and introduce beauty brands and products to meet that need. While tracking the beauty market, Naina realised the need to create awareness about clean, green beauty and sustainable lifestyle, and that spurred her to start The Vanity Dossier – the magazine to inform and engage consumers on clean, green beauty and sustainable lifestyle.

When Naina is not thinking beauty, she takes time out to read, spend quality time with her daughter and following a fitness regime.

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Priyanka Bhattacharya

Prime Beauty Junkie
(Managing Editor, Researcher & Writer)

An ex-tech journalist turned beauty editor; Priyanka is the team’s idea generator. She pours over beauty research, tracks trends, and connects with beauty experts to bring you information you can use. She has been writing about the Indian beauty industry for eons and has worked with leading beauty and lifestyle magazines. A self-confessed beauty addict, Priyanka likes to try out makeup and skin care products before writing about them. She is also the possessor of what she claims is the biggest collection of half-used lotions and creams.

Priyanka’s one guilty pleasure is collecting lipsticks – pinks and reds preferably – and eyeshadow palettes. She finds organizing around the house and workplace her biggest stress busters, reading books on different topics comes next.

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Mani Karamchandani

Beauty & Brand Groupie
(Researcher & Writer)

Mani is the team’s main brand tracker. Writing is her chosen profession. Mani started out writing on fashion lifestyle and then settling down with beauty. At The Vanity Dossier, she is the one looking out for new brands and products. Mani is one of our in-house brand reviewers and product testers. She is loves to talk about clean, green beauty and write extensively on it. 

Mani is a connoisseur of nude lipsticks and is a mimic par excellence. At The Vanity Dossier office, you can often catch her doing impressions of her favourite colleagues

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Deeksha Yadav

Designs on Beauty

Deeksha gives visual shape to the words of the editorial team. She loves to explore her creativity and graphic design skills through the beautiful images she puts out for the team to use. Deeksha feels that her creative job profile gives her lots of flexibility and helps her to explore the digital and virtual world and communicate the works of The Vanity Dossier to the audience through striking visuals and imagery. She likes her work because it allows her to own her creative style and put it out to the world of beauty to see.

Deeksha’s creative streak is not limited just her design workstation, cooking is also where she likes to get creative. Dancing to some good music is her stress buster and curling up with a book at the end of the day is her way to relax.